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Learning To Paint

Thank you for visiting Banyan Studios. This site was put together in an effort to bring you the information, support and inspiration you will need to become a great decorative painter, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro.

The great thing about learning decorative painting is that anyone can do it! It's as simple as going to a class or reading a book or even searching online to get more data. With practice you can be a great painter!

What is Decorative Painting?

Simply put, "decorative painting" is an art where you decorate functional items by painting them... suitable name wouldn't you say? Actually, there are several different types of painting that come under the heading of "decorative painting". When I paint I incorporate the different types of decorative painting in each project.

What is Tole Painting?

"Tole painting" is a category of decorative painting. The word "tole" is actually a french word for "tin". Way back when people would travel from village to village selling their wares, the tin sellers found that they sold much more of their product if they were painted! Thus we have tole painting. Often there is no distinction between "tole painting" and "decorative painting" they are pretty much interchangeable.

What is One Stroke™ Painting?

One stroke is also a type of decorative painting. This type of painting was developed to save time actually. It is not that you only use one stroke for each item painted but that you use only one stoke to make the highlight and shading for the item, rather than painting the object, then going back with a lighter color to paint the highlights and then returning a third time to with a darker color to paint the shadow. In this form you put all the colors on your brush at once and the highlight and shading is done in... you guessed it, one stroke.

Get Painting!

Ok, now that you know what decorative painting is... let's get to work! Take a look through the site and get painting!

I cannot express enough the importance of painting as often as you can. Get a group together and DO IT.

Familiarity is the key to success -- Try everything connected with decorative painting over and over to bring about certainty in the area. Read magazines, sit at the library and trace pictures that you might like to paint some day. Make a folder and slide in pictures of projects you want to do when you have time or feel a bit more adventurous.

Do these things and I promise you will begin to view the world in a different way!

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