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Why "Banyan Studios"?

The Painting Teacher

I have been a teacher of adults for over 25 years. The past seven years I have concentrated exclusively on teaching decorative painting in Massachusetts. I travel to locations in and around Boston teaching painting in stores, homes, churches and adult education centers. The purpose for me is to help students to realize their own aesthetic abilities and my goal is to have them certain that they can learn to paint---Evidenced by a completed work that they are proud to display.

Why “Banyan Studios”?

The Banyan Tree is an Indian fig tree that has aerial roots sent down to the ground (similar to a spider plant). Each root, meeting the ground, forms a new trunk that acts as a prop thus allowing one umbrella-like tree to cover a vast area. The word “Banyan” is from the Sanskrit language and meant “Merchant”. Under the Banyan Tree is where traveling merchants would set up their wares for sale.

Those two concepts are exactly why “Banyan Studios”?

When I get the product of a student who has completed a hand painted gift or accessory that they are proud to show, I feel I have created one of those Banyan Tree roots; a prop that increases the size and scope of the main tree. From this endeavor some very special friendships have been formed.

Learn Decorative Painting

Now, not every student is interested in becoming a professional painter. Most of my students are painting unique, hand painted objects for their own homes, for gift giving and, indeed, to beat the stresses of Planet Earth. I do, however, encourage my more involved students to try selling their work. There is nothing like the feeling of creating something that has obvious value in the eyes of someone else--having someone willing to exchange for your hard work and passion.

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